Self Reflection #1


The high school I attended was rather small and some what out of date. A lot the classrooms did not have a smart-board, the computers were old and limited and more times then none this lead to a rather boring class session. The one thing I can say is that, the teachers I had were good and able to grab the attention of the students and make the class pretty bearable. I believe that even though times are changing and the classroom is becoming more advanced everyday and soon enough it will look like Tony Stark’s house (for those who don’t know, Tony Stark is Ironman) I still believe that without a good or even great teacher to grab the attention of the students and make learning enjoyable, technology would be useless. With that said the advances in technology moving forward in the classrooms are great. I believe the smart-board is a great game changer. I have seen teacher’s use it and the way they are able to control the board from a simple panel, and can write certain terms and word definitions that are important and students should pay attention to throughout the film and then show a movie or documentary on the same board is awesome. Instead of having to roll in that big dusty cart, with the out of date VCR or new DVD player no one knows how to work, and spend about 10 minutes trying to get the screen to the right output to sync up with the DVD player everything is controlled from a simple panel.

In one of the stories I found on I about a teacher named Malissia Bell who taught second grade. She recalls a student whom she had who was very shy and would either not participate or would answer in one or two words. Until she set up a podcast for her students in which they could talk and share thoughts on books they read. The young kid was so active on the website and spoke so fluently that she could not believe it was him. From this story I gained a better knowledge of the use of podcasts in the classroom, and I truly believe it can be a very innovative way for not only the teachers to reach out but for the kids to reach out and express their thoughts.

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