Teaching Philosophy

I have a strong belief that people have the potential to obtain the highest levels of life and achievement. I believe that education is supposed to help kids obtain and reach that level. I do believe though that some times school have the opposite effect and tends to send kids down a bad path. Sometimes teachers and the school systems fail, to inspire and instead tends to either burn kids out with throwing tons of information at them and with sets of standardize tests they can end up hurting the kids self-esteem and shy them away from school. I am a physical education major and a hopeful future physical education teacher, I believe that sports and athletics can help reach a certain level of focus and help relieve stress. Education is a form of freedom that i feel all too many times gets over looked and under valued. Like Aristotle, Like Plato and like Rousseau I believe education is supposed to open your mind to the world and all of its secrets. Rousseau believed that education should lessons learned through not only experiences reached on the child’s own but he also believed that education should serve to help that child move forward in life. Plato and Aristotle had the same ideology once it came to education, they believed not only that education should be designed for your role in life but the most important thing the thing I agree with is the method of how they both believed education should be obtained. They believed education and new lessons should be learned through questioning answers and questioning whatever is taught to you. I believe education should not restrict a person but set them free from every social chain that society places on us, I believe education above all should help kids reach a level that many view unobtainable.


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