Self Reflection #4

In this new age of being environmentally safe, in which we are taught to constantly recycle, to turn of electricity when leaving the room and they are developing new hybrid cars to help pollution. Why not become more paperless? I believe one of the biggest advancements in education and communication between students and teachers is the use of the Dropbox. For those who don’t know, a dropbox is a program that I discovered in college. My professor had the whole class download this dropbox program, then to demonstrate the ability of it he took an article he wanted all of us to read placed it into the dropbox and suddenly it appeared on our computer. According to the Powerful Learning Practice website the Dropbox program is a multifaceted tool used to connect a group of people, it is used to sync and share documents and data between computers, tablets and other personal computing device. I believe that the creation of the dropbox, is a very convenient way for a teacher or professor to share documents with their students, whether its homework or even used to help with homework. The best advantage is also that students can also drop things in the dropbox to share this way sharing ideas are much easier and simpler, this way the day of class moves a lot faster and smoother.


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